Happy New Year!


Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!! and welcome to my Blog! I am super excited to use this new platform to share my Paper Flower journey with you. Here I will be showing you a more detailed view of my life as a creative artist, #girlboss, #crazydoglady, Wife, and soon-to-be mamma (!!).

I will also be sharing lots of Paper Flowers, FioriBelle Events, Weddings, Travel, and a bit of everything that inspires me to create – and hustle – on a daily basis.

First, a bit about myself: my name is Karen Martinez, I live in Atlanta with my lovely husband andΒ furbaby SimΓ³n and soon our little family will be growing with the arrival of our first child, Valerie.

I started FioriBelle back in 2013 as a way to explore a new talent and take advantage of a new creative outlet. I opened my Etsy shop doors in July 2013 and since then I have seen it grow in ways I never even imagined it could. This Blog is yet another wonderful result of all the hard work and collaboration with countless wonderful brides and #flowerlovers from all over the world. Can’t wait to work with all of you in the new year!

I am extremely thankful and honored to have you all by my side during this amazing new adventure! See you next week!


For the love of Paper Flowers,



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