Spotlight on Atlanta Humane Society

Last month we talked about Resolutions and one my mine for this new year was to give back to the community…I am happy to report that this is one resolution I am definitely carrying out this year! {hooray!}

I feel so blessed to be in a position where my business can now make a small difference in the lives of puppies and kitties from our city. I have been in contact with AHS  at their Howell Mill location this past month and I wanted to share a bit of their story with you.

The work they do is amazing! Not only do they help provide food and shelter for rescued animals, but they also help them find the perfect new pet parents, and, I mean, look at those faces!! Makes want to take ALL THE PUPPIES home with me!

If you would also like to get involved there’s a couple of ways you can help out:


All funds donated to AHS are put to use in the fight against animal cruelty; whether you make a one-time donation, a monthly donation, or even if you donate your car, you will be helping these sweet animals get a second chance at a better life. Also, all donations are eligible for a tax deduction, so, WIN-WIN


This is such a great opportunity to dedicate some of your time to a special cause. AHS has an excellent Volunteer Program through which you will meet like-minded people in your community, learn how  to work with animals and help facilitate their adoption and, help AHS reach out to more and more people who want to help.


For those of you who love fitness events, you can participate in the Annual Walk for the Animals to help raise funds for AHS.

Now you know there are lots of ways to help, so make sure to check them out! If you have been following me for a while, you already know that I am a self-professed #crazydoglady. Are you also an animal lover? Comment Below!


For the love of Paper Flowers – and dogs,



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