Getting Ready for Baby

Getting ready for a baby is not easy, especially if it’s your first one, but thank God for the internet and for those well-intentioned and loving friends and family members who will assist when asked.

Now, I am not an expert when it comes to anything baby-related… yet, but there’s a couple of things we have been doing recently to help us welcome our little bundle of joy into our home. Today I am sharing this with you because a few months ago I was looking for some information just like this. You may choose to read on – or not – but after doing some research, here are some of the things we have been doing over the last few weeks. Will they work?  We sure hope so! And I guess we will find out shortly 😉

wash baby’s clothes and bedding

We sorted all of Val’s clothes by size and then washed all of her newborn and  o-3 months outfits, together with her sheets, blankets, and basically anything else she may come into contact with for the first few days or weeks. We used un-scented, dye-free detergent, softener and dryer sheets.

stock up on diapers and basic baby needs

After hosting a super-fun “diaper party” for daddy during the NFL season last year, we are lucky to have what we think is a good supply of tiny diapers and wipes. Best of all, since they were all gifted to us, we get to try different brands before picking a favorite one.

get the crib and nursery ready

We really wanted to create a lovely place for our sweet baby, while still keeping things simple. So a lot of thought – and work – went into this one. My husband Jay recently took up woodworking and he designed, created and installed #BabyVal’s crib and changing table all by himself. I am still in awe of how talented he is and, of course, really moved about the fact that our baby girl has a one-of-a-kind, super special crib to sleep in for the first few years of her life. While daddy was busy building the furniture, mommy was carefully selecting and curating all the decor inside the room. We could not be happier with the final result!

keep your furbaby involved

By now you probably know I love, love, love our little Yorkie Simón, so, in an effort  to help him transition from his current king-of-the-household status into best big brother ever, we have been making sure he stays involved in all things baby. He was there every step of the way when we were designing the nursery. He’s been sniffing around diapers, wipes, creams and basically anything baby-related that is new to him. Our hope is that he will become used to the new space, the new smells, and eventually, the new tiny human in our home. After all, he’s a big part of our family, so it is very important to us that he also feels comfortable with Val’s arrival.

pack your bags (mom, baby and dad)

Normally we pack our bags a couple of days ahead of a trip. This time though, we packed our hospital bags at around 35 weeks. There are a TON of articles online that will tell you what you need and don’t need to bring with you when you go into labor. I will leave it up to you to decide what you think will work best, but my suggestion would be to pack 3 small, separate bags: one for you, one for your husband (or partner) and, of course, one for your baby. That way everyone’s stuff is better organized and easier to access and you can be sure everyone will have what they need.

date night

Take the time to enjoy the last few days as a couple before your baby arrives. Although we still don’t know how our life as husband and wife will change once Valerie is here, we are pretty sure it will be a little while before we can go out and enjoy some alone time just the two of us. So whatever your idea of a great date is (brunch, long walk, movies, cuddling at home, etc) make sure to sneak as many of those in now, while you still have the energy 😉

I would love to hear from all of you, what else did you do to get ready before your baby’s arrival? comment below!


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