DIY-licious – Decorated Easter Eggs

Hey everyone! Today I am super egg-cited (!) to be sharing our first DIY Project!

Easter is only a few weeks away so today I want to share these super fun and easy step-by-step Easter Egg Decorating Tutorials!

I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to crafting supplies, so a lot of the stuff I used I already had in my studio, but I will try to list some sources as best I can so you can also make these for your Easter celebration!  All of these can be made using craft easter eggs, papier-mache eggs, or even real eggs (hardboiled or hollowed out).

And, now, for the DIY!!! One is quicker than other, but they are both pretty easy to make, so follow along and get crafty!

Boho Chic Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs


 Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos



1. Grab your temporary tattoos and cut around the shapes you want to use. This will make it easier to apply them onto the eggs

2. Remove the clear top sheet and place the tattoo face down onto the egg – make sure the egg surface is clean –

3. Using a wet towel, apply even pressure to the tattoo paper backing and hold for a little while (30 secs or so should do)

4. Gently remove the towel and slide the paper backing off. Let your newly decorated egg dry for a bit and you’re done!

Watercolor Easter Egg Place Cards


Paint Brushes

Acrylic Paint in your favorite colors

Cricut Explore Air


Optional (but absolutely gorgeous) Gold Liquid Gilding

1. Use your Cricut Design Space software to design the initials you will be cutting. Make sure they will fit on the egg (I made mine about 1.5 inches tall)

2. Place the vinyl sheet on the Cricut Explore Air and cut your initials as designed

3. Peel each letter off the cutting mat and place it on each egg

4. Get your acrylic paint  and brushes ready, and start painting your eggs! Use different colors and don’t be afraid to mix them up. I went with short strokes to create small patches around the vinyl initial. Place your egg down and let it dry for at least 10 minutes

5. This is my favorite step. Once the acrylic paint is dry, grab a separate brush and paint over the egg with the Liquid Gold Gilding for an extra special touch. Again, set your egg down and let it dry another 10 minutes

6. Carefully start peeling off the vinyl from the egg to reveal your initial and Voila! You’re officially ready for your Easter Brunch!

And  there you have it! Two egg-celent (!) and easy-to-follow tutorials for you to try! I think these would also be great to work on with your kids! Give them a go and make sure to share and tag us on Instagram! (@fioribelle)


For the love of Paper Flowers, 



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