Happy Mother’s Day!

I have been a MOM for almost two months now and it has been such a wonderful adventure!

to say that Valerie makes me the happiest woman alive is an understatement. I love spending my days with her!

Being a new mom means I get to watch my whole family grow and change around me and I feel so lucky I get to experience every second of it! Here are a few of my favorite things about my new life as a mom:

  • Valerie and her early morning stretches and “conversations”, watching her as she learns how to smile and make more eye contact with us
  • her outfits
  • making the tiniest Paper Flowers for her headbands/crowns
  • thinking of ALL the trips I want us to take together as a family, and all the girls’ weekends we will spend in NYC when she’s a bit older
  • watching Jay become a dad (be, still my heart) – I didn’t think I could love him any more, then I saw him holding her for the first time at the hospital… ❀
  • my parents, and the way they sing to her, play with her and make every effort to be there for as many milestones as possible. I was lucky to know them as “Mami y Papi”, Val is even luckier that she gets to call them “Grandma & Grandpa”
  • the way Simon is always “watching” the baby with us and the way he gently sniffs her every few hours, taking in all that delicious baby smell, I’m sure

Words really cannot describe how amazing the past 2 months have been. All the late nights and exhaustion are nothing compared to the feeling I get when I see her looking up at me from her bassinet every morning ❀ Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


For the love of Paper Flowers – and #BabyVal




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